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by Noriko Oyama June 26, 2017

When we started this company, we wanted to give women an easy and convenient way to shop.

With getting you/your children ready each morning, working, getting home and still doing what needs to be done and that doesn't include if you taxi your children to and from classes, sports, work etc, who really has time these days to go shopping.

At LUXFINDZ we are not only passionate about fashion and giving women access to styles from around the world, but to support great causes to help those in need.

From Free the Children and lending a hand in Haiti, to Children’s Aid Foundation and the Pinball Clemons Foundation helping youth in Toronto who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment, Trillium Health Partners and various Food Banks each year, we try and do what we can for a good cause.

We encourage everyone to give back and take even a little bit of time out of your busy schedule to volunteer at a local charity or cause.  It will make a difference in your life and if you have children, you will see the positive impact it has on them.


Noriko Oyama
Noriko Oyama